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Contractor Software Training, Support, Services, and Demonstrations

Tech Support

Q. Is it true that I can call in during business hours and get immediate help to questions or problems I am experiencing?
A. Yes. Your COBRA support team is available to answer your phone/fax/email questions promptly.

Q. How does your online support work?
A. With on-line support we can call COBRA up on both of our computers and work together. We can share the mouse and watch what the other is doing. We can also converse, so it's just like we're right there with you. On-line support is included free of charge during your first year and is available after your first year with your Annual Maintenance Agreement.

Q. Is it true that my software purchase includes free training & support?
A. Yes. During your first year, you'll receive free training, support and updates to your COBRA software.

Q. Can you transfer our current software files into COBRA?
A. Yes, we've had great success in transferring data from other software programs into COBRA.

Q. Does the free support include helping us through a computer/network issue?
A. Yes. In this type of situation we will discuss your problem with you and your computer/network specialist. We may need to go on-line and look at your COBRA files. And since we are the writers of the software, we have all the necessary tools to analyze your files.


Q. Regarding the free training, how long does it take before we're up and running on the COBRA Software.
A. We've made your "getting started phase" as easy as can be. Your free training and support services include:

Consulting. In the beginning, we work directly with you to establish a "getting started game plan". We learn about each individual's role in your company and what is expected of them regarding their software duties. From there, we lay out a training plan for each individual.

Coaching/Training. In the twenty years we've been training and supporting HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors, we've learned that personalized training really matters. Our personalized training recognizes two important principles:

  1. People learn differently, and their training should be adapted accordingly.
  2. Good training recognizes that different people have different priorities; what is a key topic for some is not necessarily important to others.

That's why COBRA's training starts with our listening to each individual's priorities, and then matching those priorities with the right training materials and supportive training/coaching. You and your COBRA coach will choose any/all of these free support and training sources:

  • Personalized on-line instruction with a COBRA trainer
  • Using the COBRA Training program and the step-by-step training manual
  • Personalized instruction using the video training library
  • Searching out answers using the built-in help system
  • Phone/fax/emailing your questions to our support group for a fast response
  • Attending the free monthly training seminars held at our headquarters

Q. We're concerned about transitioning off our present software. How difficult is this process?
A. This gets right at the heart of what we're all about. Because COBRA is written as a modular system you're not required to learn the whole program and be fully operational before switching off your current software. It's much easier for you to continue using your current software and begin transitioning onto COBRA one module at a time. This takes all the pressure off of you.

As you become operational on one COBRA module, you and your COBRA coach will move forward to address the next module. It's important to remember that you are not alone in this process. We agree on the game plan together, and move forward together. In the end, the time it takes to be fully transitioned onto COBRA depends on how closely you come to meeting the game plan goals you set with your COBRA coach. It's that simple.

Q. Can a software trainer come to our office?
A. Yes, for an additional charge, a COBRA trainer can visit your office. And while this used to be a popular option, over the past 3-4 years, we have had a significant decrease in on-site training. In working with our customers, we've learned how important it is for them to get all of their work accomplished in a very few, select, user-friendly screens. By relentlessly pursuing this design, our customers, for the most part, are opting out of the added on-site training costs and instead choosing the free support and training services included in the purchase price.

On-Going Support Service

Q. Is it true that I can request changes to the COBRA programs?
A. Yes. For the past 20+ years we've taken the best ideas from our customers and written them into COBRA.

Q. How do I receive the updates you write?
A. You can loging right at our website, and visit our Customer Service Center. Under downloads, you can read about the new updates and if you choose to do so, download them directly into your COBRA program.

Personal Demonstration of COBRA

Q. What is the best way to see if COBRA is right for our company?
A. Personal Demonstrations are a great way to get together and watch COBRA in action. Your COBRA demonstrator will work with you, making sure you get your questions answered. And since no two Sub-Contractors operate the same way, we'll do our best to customize the demonstration according to your specific needs.

A Personal Demonstration can last as long as it takes to address your needs. Many clients like to begin with an overview of COBRA which lasts about one hour. This quick session answers important questions about:

  • the software's user-friendliness
  • it's custom contractor specific solutions
  • the knowledge and grasp your COBRA demonstrator has of your industry

Of course, you may want to go longer than one hour, and schedule additional sessions with us.

Personal demonstrations are held on our website, and can be scheduled during normal business hours Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. CT. To sign up for a personal demonstration:

  • Contact Us and tell us when you would like to go on-line.
  • Request a personal demonstration by email -
  • Call 1-800-466-2507 and request a personal demonstration


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