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Affordability Testimonials

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"We chose Cobra because it did what we needed in our price range. Others were more expensive, but did less. The purchase order system, along with the job cost system, paid for the software the first year. Those two modules work together to catch billing/material cost errors."

T.M., Office Manager

Electrical Contractor in Virginia

"Everyone else was way out of our price range … almost double the price! Cobra had what we were looking for … it ties everything together. I started using the payroll module recently – it’s easier."

E.G., Owner

Electrical Contractor in Florida

"Cobra is not as expensive as other Operations Software. Our annual maintenance fee is very affordable for “easy to get a hold of” support and they are always improving it. New modules are very affordable."

L.M., Owner

Plumbing and Heating Contractor in Vermont

Choice Testimonials

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"We started out with the basics, which they kept improving over time. The General Ledger became so good, that we stopped using QuickBooks, all-together. Cobra is from the Contractors P.O.V.”

D.P., Owner

Electrical Contractor in South Dakota

“We wanted to walk before we ran. We didn’t want to work on a massive software program from a big company. We wanted software that fit our company and industry with personalized support. Cobra was competitively priced and we have been very happy with the decision.”

K.G., Owner

Plumbing Contractor in Minnesota

“We’ve had lot’s of problems with software in the past … ended up selecting Peachtree and other specialty software like Cobra five years ago. Cobra keeps improving the program … doing it better or adding new modules. We are so happy with them, that we just replaced Peachtree with the Cobra Accounting Modules.”

R.P., Owner

Plumbing and Heating Contractor in Maryland

Easy-to-Use Testimonials

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“Cobra Software is easy to comprehend. It takes you step-by-step through the task – it’s very easy to use. It’s really self-explanatory. The support is fantastic too!”

K.G., Secretary

Electrical Contractor in Pennsylvania

“The Customer Info is right in front of you…the info you need is just a click away. Within seconds, I can answer almost any question from a work crew or customer. Cobra makes me look good. The look or layout of the screens and reports really helps make it easy to use.”

S.P., Controller

A Plumbing and HVAC Contractor in Iowa

“The layout/background color of the screens is easy on the eyes and moving around the program is easy. It’s very forgiving. It allows us to keep it simple and get to the bottom line faster.”

V.L., Office Manager

HVAC Contractor in Mississippi

Responsive Testimonials

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“We’ve had some unique requests over the years. Cobra finds great solutions to our unique situations and then adds the improvement for everyone in the new version. They adapt to our needs as contractors!”

M.H., Owner

Electrical Contractor in Minnesota

“The Pricebook is PHENOMINAL! The whole software package is totally integrated from start to finish. It gives me the necessary job cost information to know where my profitability is at in minutes.”

D.H., Owner

Plumbing Contractor in Wisconsin

Unparalleled Support

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“I think their biggest asset is their people. If you need help, they are easy to get a hold of and are great teachers and problem solvers. Plus, they listen…one of my improvement suggestions, showed up in the next version!”

K.W., Office Manager

Electrical Contractor in Texas

“If you ever have a problem, you can talk to a real person right away. We had an issue with an upgrade once … Cobra got on-line with me and fixed the problem immediately. They have training videos on their web site too.”

F.V., Owner

Plumbing and Heating Contractor in Wisconsin

“They are excellent at working through questions and/or problems. We thought we lost all our data once … they found it and fixed the problem … while holding our hands through the panic.”

J.K., Owner

Plumbing and Heating Contractor in North Dakota

“We chose Cobra because it did what we needed on keeping track of Job Costs. The Training and on-going help is great. They do what’s needed to help you learn the program from training videos to personal one-on-one time.”

L.H., Office Manager

HVAC Contractor in Louisiana

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