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Mobile Data Collection

COBRA Mobile Forms is a state-of-the-art mobile data capture solution designed specifically for electrical, plumbing, hvac contractors and service techs. This solution replaces paper forms by capturing job data on your iPad and wirelessly transmitting it directly into COBRA... cutting your field and administrative costs by up to 93.5%.

Mobile forms

Pre-populated form has everything your field techs need

  • Customer/Job Information
  • Past Installed Equipment
  • Tech Charge Rate
  • Material Descriptions with Customer Pricing/Discounts
  • Job total calculated for collecting on site and doing quick quotes.
  • Captures customer electronic signature and photo right on the form.
  • Voice to text "Job Notes" saves time, avoids miscommunications
  • Scheduled Date/Time
  • Customer Service History
  • Job Tax



Job Cost Strategy

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Friendly "Center" Screens

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