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Kwik Estimator: Estimating Software for Contractors

When it comes to estimating, the name of the game is fast and flexible.

Our Kwik Estimator program has all the tools you need to do fast, accurate estimates.

  • Designed for residential and commercial estimating, the Kwik Estimator takes the time out of the take-off process.
  • The easy-to-use, spreadsheet-styled program gives you total control over each take-off entry. It takes only minutes to learn.
  • Click into a cell and change its value. It's simple, but you'd be surprised how many programs don't let you do that!
  • Color-coded lines alert you to particular lines that need attention or that signify notes and other types of entries.
  • Our "Smart" kits take even more time out of the take-off process allowing you to substitute Items within the Kit on-the-fly to accommodate for different situations.
  • Phase out the estimate for sub-totals by phase.
  • Difficult Factor gives you the flexibility to change the labor time by item, phase or on the overall estimate; allowing you to account for varying work conditions.
  • Consolidate possible add-ons or extras easily and create bid summaries for each situation.

Then, take your estimate beyond the calculation:

  • Create professional proposals using our many estimating imports.
  • When you win the job, the "Turn Estimate Into Job" feature creates the job with all the budgets.
  • In the purchase order program, Import from the Estimate Material List what's needed to start the Job.
  • Get automatic comparisons between the Estimate and the Job to learn how to estimate better and tweak your bidding process accordingly.
  • Learn the strengths of your workers and estimate with confidence.


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