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Contractors face uphill battle over tax audits

With states strapped for cash, Contractors are increasingly being audited by state tax collectors.  In particular, Electrical Contractors, Plumbing Contractors and HVAC Contractors seem to be prime targets.   

The complexities of a tax audit can be overwhelming.  To help offset the time and expense of an audit, Contractors are relying more and more on Contractor Accounting software that specialize in tax tracking and reporting.  

Specialty designed reports such as taxes billed and taxes collected include the detail auditors are looking for – invoices broken out by labor, material, and direct charges per taxing authority (state, county, city). 

Specialty tax reports not only save a Contractor mountains of preparation time, they’re also extremely accurate and reliable – and that’s a good thing to have on your side when sitting next to an auditor.

If you have specific questions regarding the kind of report you could customize, please call or email COBRA and we will be happy to answer your questions. 1-800-466-2507.

Tracking Profits on Warranty Work

Most Contractor Software Programs lack the ability to  determine the true profit margin on warranty jobs.  Non-billable items are the culprit here.  Equipment/parts that have failed, labor hours due to call backs….these items often aren’t charged to the customer, yet the costs are assessed to the Contractor.  COBRA Contractors Software has the tools to easily manage this activity so the Contractor can determine the true profit margin on their warranty jobs.

Link with Google Calendar and GMail

Contractors are looking for ways to work more independently from the office.  Mobile computing can take on many forms and now contractors have a choice.  Now, communicating with workers, customer and vendors is easier than ever when you’re away from the office.  Whether it’s Scheduling Jobs, setting Reminders or sending files over the internet – COBRA Contractors Software now works with Google Calendar and GMail!

When does a .10¢ item cost you $10.00?

How many times a day do you call your supplier for up to date pricing?

 If the answer is more than once, well, then that is one time too many.

This holds up your bidding process, your real time job costing and slows down Time and Material invoicing.

Now you begin to understand the importance of an automated Price Update Service. 

 COBRA Contracting Software has set the industry standard by creating automated Supplier Update Services with your Suppliers. Thus, giving you up to the minute pricing, accurate Time and Material Billings, and Bids you can have confidence in.

The time you spend spinning your wheels is actually inflating the cost of your item and ultimately affecting your bottom line. Let COBRA’s Supplier Price Update Services take the time and hassle out of keeping prices up to date.