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How much is your Material Costing you?

Material and Labor are the basic elements of the contracting business.

Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Contractors use hundreds, if not thousands of different Items when servicing their customers and doing long-term projects each year.

 Everyone knows that managing Labor is critical to staying on Budget and maximizing Job Profits.

 But, what about Material?   Many construction periodicals stress the fact that, without proper tools to manage Materials at every stage of the business / job cycle, contractors have up to 20% added onto the cost of those Materials.

 How?  Think about it. 

 How much time does it take your Inventory Manager or Estimator to get up-to-date costs on Materials?

 Which Supplier has the best Cost to you?

 Do you know when to expect Materials at the Job Site?

 Are you being overbilled on those Materials?

 Do you know how much has been ordered, received, installed on a Job?

 On T&M Jobs, how fast and accurately can you get out Billings?

 How much Material do I have in stock and how much do I need to buy?

 All of these common problems add to the Cost of Materials, basically because they require more Labor to try and thwart them off.

 So how does an Electrical, Plumbing or HVAC Contractor overcome these problems?

 The best tool in the contractor’s arsenal is business software designed to automatically handle these issues before they become problematic.  But too many “industry-specific” software programs don’t go far enough in addressing them.

 Let’s take just one of the problems.  Which Supplier has the best Cost to you?  How do you know?  How much work is it to find this out?  What do you do with the information once you have it?

 COBRA Contractors Software has the answer to all of the above problems.  But, when it comes to knowing your best Cost, we’ve set the standard!    COBRA Customers taking advantage of our unique COST CODES feature are saving up to 15% better simply by knowing which Supplier has the best Cost to them!  Add on the benefits of a suite of business software programs designed to work together and address all of the above issues – you can imagine the edge on their competition they have!

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