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Auto Reminders – Set it and Forget it!

“It’s a whirlwind out there”, one busy Electrical Contractor said the other day.  “With all of the jobs and activities related to each job, I sometimes forget about important tasks that need my attention”. 

Not only is this a problem for Electrical Contractors, but other Contractors too…Mechanical Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, HVAC Contractors, and Low Voltage Contractors. 

With so many job responsibilities to keep track of, Permit due dates, Pending Proposals, RFI’s, Submittals,  Pending Change Orders , Purchase Order delivery dates, it’s easy to see how tasks and deadlines are often missed or overlooked entirely. 

A simple solution is to use auto remindersbuilt-in alerts that are embedded throughout contractors accounting software and project management software.  Whenever you feel a task that you’re working on warrants a reminder in the future, simply click a reminder date…set it and forget it! 

Auto reminders not only remind you about the task and when it’s due, they also organize your tasks in a pop up window including all the details behind each task.  You won’t have to re-enter dates and task information into other calendar programs such as Outlook and Google anymore. 

And just in case you’re totally hooked on using outside calendar programs, that’s ok too because auto reminders talks to Outlook and Google…so the tasks you’ve been doing in your Contractor Accounting Software or Project Management software can automatically be sent to anyone using Outlook or Google for auto reminding!

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