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Archive for March, 2011

Tracking Profits on Warranty Work

Most Contractor Software Programs lack the ability to  determine the true profit margin on warranty jobs.  Non-billable items are the culprit here.  Equipment/parts that have failed, labor hours due to call backs….these items often aren’t charged to the customer, yet the costs are assessed to the Contractor.  COBRA Contractors Software has the tools to easily manage this activity so the Contractor can determine the true profit margin on their warranty jobs.

Link with Google Calendar and GMail

Contractors are looking for ways to work more independently from the office.  Mobile computing can take on many forms and now contractors have a choice.  Now, communicating with workers, customer and vendors is easier than ever when you’re away from the office.  Whether it’s Scheduling Jobs, setting Reminders or sending files over the internet – COBRA Contractors Software now works with Google Calendar and GMail!