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Accounting Software for Contractors

COBRA Accounting is an integrated suite of programs that include the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger programs.

These programs are written specifically for the Contracting Industry. Their user-friendly design is easy for any bookkeeper to use, yet powerful enough for the discerning comptroller.

The "open-ended" architecture means that you are not hand-cuffed at the end of each month waiting for the last month to "Close". If your current accounting system operates this way, you fully understand the back-log of work that it creates. Why not use an accounting system designed for the many differences that affect the contracting business?

Accounts Payable

The COBRA Accounts Payable program was designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

Beyond what you'd expect from an AP program, this program delivers every day with custom features that save your staff time and your business money with these automated features:

  • Ensures you take all of the supplier Discounts you are entitled to.
  • Automatically catching over billings by your suppliers.
  • Allowing you to set Disputes on over billings.
  • Our exclusive Pay List feature puts you in total control over what Invoices get paid, when and how much you want to pay.
  • Easily reprint Checks any time.
  • Integration with Jobs, AP Invoices can be Job Costed as they are entered into AP.
  • AP Aging Report can produce aging as of a past date, so you don't need to worry about running it on the last day of the month.
  • The debit and credit Accounting Journal can be updated into our General Ledger program or given to your accountant.
  • Sub-Contractor Insurance Expiration warning. Our program warns you when the Insurance Policy of your Sub-Contractors has expired, so you're never on the hook when there are related problems on the job.

Accounts Receivable

The contracting business has very specialized requirements for Accounts Receivable. COBRA has everything needed to effectively manage your AR.

Retainage is automatically tracked for you in it's own category in your AR. You always know what is owed to you, but the Retained Balance is not lumped in with the rest of your AR Aging.

Other contractor-requested features include:

  • AR Report can be run for past dates. This "retro" aging takes the hassle out of end of month processing and allows you to seamlessly move into the next month.
  • The debit and credit Accounting Journal can be Updated into our GL or printed and given to your accountant.
  • The custom Statements program has many features specific to the contracting business that help to keep your customers informed about what they owe, on what jobs, the actual days old of each invoice and how much of the invoice is retained balance.
  • Service Fees are a huge hit, too! For problematic customers, let COBRA create the Late Fees for outstanding Invoices. These will also show prominently on Statements.
  • Collection Reports can have Collections Notes print on them to help you manage your collections efforts.

General Ledger

The General Ledger's ease of use is perfect for the novice user, yet feature rich for the discerning comptroller and CPA.

The open-ended architecture allows you to work in more than one month or one year whenever you need to.

A Pre-built Contractors Chart of Accounts is included and can easily be modified.

All accounting information is easily accessed from the main General Ledger screen. File Folder tabs with drill down capability keep the information organized so you can retrieve answers instantly.

The secret to understanding the strengths of your business is to have a GL program that's designed to automate the breakouts of your Costs and Sales by the types of Jobs that you do.

Features include:

  • Income & Balance Sheet
  • 2 Year Income Statement
  • Summary Trial Balance by Period
  • 2 Year Comparison of Account Balances
  • Period Trial Balance by Account
  • Account Activity by Period
  • 4 types of Depreciation Schedules by month and year
  • Update Prior Year Balances
  • Manual Journal Entry
  • Job Type Departmentalizing
  • End of Month Work-In-Progress Adjusting
  • Account Activity Troubleshooting
  • Recurring Entries/Batches

COBRA Business Status Display

This exclusive screen / print-out is a must for every contractor. It goes beyond the capabilities of accounting to provide you with a real-time look at your Future Receivables and Payables.

  • Need to know how much you still have left to bill on your Contracts?
  • On materials ordered, how much have you not been billed for yet?
  • How much work is left on your Contracts?
  • What do you have the right to bill for on your out-standing Jobs?
  • How much work do you have lined up for the future?

These and other critical business indicators are neatly organized in one simple-to-read screen and print-out for you, your bank or your bonding company.

COBRA Accounting answers these critical questions.....

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of our business?
  • What types of work does the business do best?
  • What should my Overhead Percentage be for each type of work that we do?
  • Can I work in my next year even though I haven't closed out last year?

"I rely on your Business Status Display all the time. It gives me a quick look at my business on one screen. My bonding company also needs this information before I can secure funding for upcoming projects."


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