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Billing Software for Contractors

Flexible and powerful, COBRA billing handles every type of billing situation for the Contractor - Time & Material, Service, Progress Billing, AIA Billing and Flat Rate.

Time & Material - Cutting the billing time by up to 90%.

Time and Material work can be time consuming. Often times, the billings go out late because the T&M process - recording, costing, pricing and billing takes longer than it should.

To streamline operations and improve the Contractors cash flow, COBRA T&M billing includes:

Recording the Material with Field Sheets

Relying on a workers memory to account for every material item used on a job invites dollar losses. To eliminate "forgotten items" we recommend using Field Sheets.

Much like a grocery list, a Field Sheet "jogs" the workers memory helping them remember every part they used on the job. The worker simply enters the "quantity used" next to each item on the Field Sheet along with the labor time and job notes.
Field Sheets are easy to create. With COBRA's Field Sheet Builder, simply point and click the materials you want on your sheet. Use the same sheet over and over again, or create additional Field Sheets to match the different types of jobs you perform. You can rearrange items on your sheet to display the list of materials in the order you want.

Costing and Pricing the T&M Job

Office people also like working with Field Sheets because they can cost and price each material item 90% faster. Field Sheets eliminate the age old problem of having to read a workers handwriting - or - trying to interpret the different descriptions workers use for the same item.

Reviewing your Profit

Prior to billing, we suggest looking at the Profit Preview Report. This is where you can review all costs, charges and profits for the job. It's great for catching inaccurate entries. Use it to make adjustments to your job margins. You'll know right down to the penny how much money you're making before the T&M bill is printed.

Billing the T&M Job

When you're ready to print the bill, the flexible format codes are used to show as little or as much detail on the invoice. . The reprint invoice feature allows you to change the original format and reprint the same invoice with a different look. Use the handy batch print feature to store up multiple billings so you can print them all at once.

AIA Billing

The COBRA AIA program simply takes the work out of processing AIA Applications for payment. The AIA program handles both Net and Full Retainage tracking by Job.

This integrated program looks exactly like the AIA Schedule of Values that you already work with, so when you see it, it makes perfect sense.

To set up your AIA, select from a preset table of Schedule of Values or customize each AIA Job accordingly.

Budgets and Change Order Budgets are automatically imported to the AIA screen where you process your applications 1, 2, 3.

  1. Select the Date Range of Job Activity and COBRA will Import your possible Prices based on actual work done. You can set what you want to bill for, though, by overriding what came over from the Job detail.
  2. This step creates the G702 and G703 Applications for Payment and creates the Invoice for the AR.
  3. Finalizes the Application, adds the "Current Period" info into "Prior Period" and advances to the next Application Number.

At any time, you can reverse Applications and redo them. Even reprint Applications!

Progress Billings for Contract work

COBRA customers use our WIP Reports to help determine what to bill on their contract Jobs.

But when it comes to creating a Progress Billing, that's where we really shine!

You can import from a Job, Proposal or Change Order directly onto the Invoice to minimize typing and the possible mistakes that come with it.

Bill for whatever amount you need to - use the indicators on the Billing Screen as needed, but bill for what the Job calls for. Down Payment billings can be created, too!

COBRA's Standard Paragraphs allow you to build paragraphs of information that you'd normally have to type over and over again and allows you to import them unto the progress billing. Customizing each one, of course, for the current Job / Billing situation.

The Invoice can be Previewed on-screen before printing to make sure you are billing for the correct amount.


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