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A refreshingly different approach...
To Saving 10% - 20% on Material Purchases

Presented by a senior member of COBRA who assists hundreds of Specialty Contractor companies throughout the U.S. and Canada in saving time & dollars through efficient material management.

  • Powerful "Price Evaluator" saves you as much as 10% - 20% on Material Purchases
  • Built-in Bar Coding increases efficiency - both in the warehouse and in the field when using scanners and smart phones.
  • Auto Vendor Price Updating lowers your operating costs and it updates material costs, Flat Rate Tasks and Assemblies (kits) at the same time.
  • Price History tracking and Item Usage reporting provide the negotiating tools necessary to buy better and increase your job margin.
  • Purchase Order Status Checker saves dollars by preventing you from overbuying for the job/warehouse/trucks.
  • Automated Serial Number, Model Number and Warranty Tracking updates Customer and Job Records for production continuity.

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