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Business Operation Solutions for You, so you can spend your time where it matters most

Contractor Software That Works for You

It happens all the time……

Contractors hear about COBRA, fall in love with its user-friendly design and never leave. Each year our clients' business improves using our newer, breakthrough features. For some, it’s the ability to talk directly with us and see their ideas written into the programs; for others it’s the generous amount of customer care and support that encourages their loyalty.

In the contractor’s world, it’s about finding where the waste is, how you can achieve a higher profit margin on each job, and how you can do things smarter in order to deliver more value to your customers at a lower cost. You absolutely have to, or you won’t survive.

The modularized design of our software for contractors makes it easy to install and implement as a complete integrated solution.  It can also be tailored to your unique needs.

Our Buy Direct and Save business model includes our contractors' software, training, and support bundled together into one affordable price. Typically, it saves you 50% over our competitors.

At COBRA, we have a lot to share with the contractor.


Job Cost Strategy

Proven tips, tools + tactics to increase your Job Profit Margin. Read more about it on the
Job Cost page.

Friendly "Center" Screens

What everybody needs to reduce paperwork, stress and time. Click here to learn more.